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Practice Areas

18 Wheeler Accidents

Our Firm represent clients who have been the victim of a collision with a Large Truck, Semi-Truck, Log Truck, or other Commercial Vehicle

Motorcycle Crashes

Our Attorneys understand the seriousness of motorcycle wrecks and know how to help when you are injured

Wrongful Death

Some injuries are so severe that they result in death. Special legal matters have to be addressed and our Lawyers are here to help

Auto Accidents

Get the help you need when you are injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in bodily injuries. Car Wrecks are the most common type of cases we handle

Slip & Falls

Also known as Premises liability, these injuries often happen due to negligent construction and dangerous conditions on property

Dog Bite Cases

Animals with dangerous propensities can and do bite adults and children all too often.

About the Firm

Our Jackson Car Wreck Lawyers are dedicated to helping people who have suffered serious bodily injury due to the negligent conduct of another person or business. 

We have represented hundred of injury victims and recovered Millions of Dollars for our clients in settlement and verdicts against the wrongdoers. 

Our Firm is focused on serious injury, catastrophic injury, permanent injuries or disfigurement cases. We hire the best experts available and our firm has the Attorneys, paralegals, and staff necessary to get our clients the maximum recovery possible for their injuries.

Proven Result for Serious Injury cases

Jackson MS Truck Accident Lawyers

Big trucks can cause big bodily injuries.  These large trucks can weight up 80,000 lbs. and can crush a regular vehicle when they collide. Our Attorneys have the skill, experience and resources to handle 18-wheeler accidents in Jackson, MS and all areas throughout Mississippi and surrounding states. Please note that in order to protect you right to maximum recovery on your claim, you should immediately take action after a truck crash.

Large 18 wheeler and other Semi Tractor Truck Accidents

Jackson MS Serious Back Injury Lawyers

Serious back injuries are often a result of car & truck wrecks. If you have suffered a back injury in an automobile or truck wreck, you will need to seek proper medical treatment which may include steroid injections or surgery.  Our Injury Lawyers have helped hundreds of back injury clients get the compensation they deserve.

Medical Treatment After a Car Wreck

It is imperative that you get the proper medical treatment following a wreck where you sustained bodily injuries. Our law firm has a network of medical providers who are experienced in handling car wreck injuries and they know the best course of treatment. Not all Lawyers are the same and neither are all Doctors. Our Fir will make sure you get to the right medical provider.

Car Wreck Doctors and Car Wreck layers in Jackson MS

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