My Car is Totaled and my Body Aches

There are times when you are involved in a car accident in Jackson that you don’t feel as if you are hurt and you turn away an ambulance ride to the hospital. You may feel that emergency rooms are too busy to take time to help you out with your minor cuts and bruises.  The words I’ll be alright once I calm down come into your head and out of your mouth. Your car doesn’t look that bad the person only pushed your front tire in a little so you have your spouse come and pick you up.                                     ·

You wake up the next day and all of a sudden those aches are throbbing and your whole body is stiff. You lay in bed for a few hours and the insurance adjuster calls you and tells you that your car’s frame is damaged and they have to total out your car. Your answer to this is how can this be it just pushed my wheel in a little bit.

You try to sit up and then your legs spasm and fire shoots down your neck into your upper shoulders.  You then think to yourself how can this be I was only aching a little yesterday. It is easy to have hidden things pop up on your body just like they can on your vehicle. Yes, the accident caused it but right now you have to do something to ease your pain NOW!

The first go-to for many people would be to heat up the area that hurts. It certainly feels good but it is totally the wrong approach for inflammation. Heat is a vasodilator and will bring more blood to an area that is already inflamed and this just adds to the pressure in the joint.

You should use ice on the area for 20 minutes and then take the ice off the skin for 40 minutes and continue to do this.  Your next step is getting in touch with a health care provider to X-ray these areas of pain.  Many may choose to go to the emergency room and this is a good idea they have an x-ray, MRI and CT scan machines all very useful for diagnosis of such injuries.  The only problem is that you may have to wait a very long time to be seen.  You can also call up your general practitioner but many do not like to treat people that have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and do not accept third party payment.

Another option is to seek treatment from a local Jackson, MS Chiropractor.  Most have x-ray units and are willing to accept a lien from your attorney paying them when all the treatment is over. This will keep you from having to pay each visit and then your attorney will handle all the calls from the other person’s car insurance.  Calling an attorney will tell you if you have a case meaning that the other person is at fault. We always know that it was the other person’s fault, but trust me you need an objective opinion so that you don’t pay a bill that is the responsibility of another person. They also take away the headache of figuring out fair compensation for missed work and/or pain and suffering.  While you are making these decisions remember to be employing the RICE method (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation).  If you follow this the inflammation will improve making the trip to the Chiropractor more tolerable.

Dr. Gary De Mott – Ridgeland, MS

Written by: Dr. Gary De Mott ~ Action Chiropractic